Advanced Techniques

My old advanced course that is in the process of being replaced

I will be retiring this course somewhere in 2022/2023.

It will be replaced with a couple of more in depth, step by step courses teaching you the same concepts outlined here, but ‘packaged’ in a better way. I’m already pretty far along in this process. Building speed, double tapping, rudiments, all those things are now explained in a better way in other courses. Right now, the only thing that is still not taught anywhere else is the Moeller technique, which will get its own course over the next couple of months and after that this course will be retired.

Finally, because this course will be replaced it is the only course on this new website that uses the old diagrams in PDF format only. I know, it’s ugly and not as slick as the rest of the courses, but it made no sense for me to recreate all the diagrams in the new style when I know I will throw them all out soon.

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