Monthly Challenge

Jump into the deep end and develop your creativity
  • This is a pretty special course in the sense that something new is added every month.
  • On the 1st of the month, I will release a drumless backing track in multiple versions (original tempo and two slower tracks, with and without metronome) to accommodate for students' different skill levels.
  • I then challenge you to come up with a nice beat to play over this backing track. Anything goes!
  • Two weeks later (on the 15th) I will release a video with all the stuff I came up with, including diagrams and the drum preset I made for the track.
  • You can then learn my groove, (or not and keep playing what you've been playing). The video is made in a way that you can play along directly with me in different tempo's and with different loudness of drums.
  • There's no talking, just playing! Instructions and tips are written down, as well as suggestions to make things easier or harder.
  • All of the previous months can be used as a library of songs, beats, fills and drum presets to play around with.
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