How do I cancel my membership subscription?

It depends on if you’re a member through Patreon (the old way) or a member through Paddle (all subscriptions since 2021).

Since 2021, every new subscription is neatly integrated with this website, which means there is a cancel button in your user dashboard and you can cancel simply by clicking that button! If you cannot find the button or it does not work, send me an email at and I will cancel your subscription for you.

You can easily request a refund by letting me know within 30 days of your purchase. I will issue the refund right away, no questions asked!

Please note that a yearly subscription cannot be cancelled because it does not automatically renew. It simply stops after a year, so the cancellation is built in and automatic.

Patreon Cancellation Instructions (for older subscriptions)

  • The Patreon account page where your subscriptions are located is:
  • After logging in, you can click edit next to your Quest for Groove subscription and then there should be a small, grey text link (Edit or Cancel payment) there that you can click to cancel. It is right below that big button that they use to distract you 🙂
  • Step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership on Patreon can be found on this Patreon FAQ page as well!