Privacy Policy and Security

The bottom line is this:

★ I will never use your data for anything else than improving The Quest for Groove. I will not sell your data to anyone ever.

★ This website does not use (re)marketing and conversion rate tracking cookies.

★ I do not have the Facebook pixel installed on this site. Zuckerberg can go zuck it.


I run google analytics on this website (in the lightest way possible, anonymizing everything). I gather the following data:
– What pages are visited on this website (anonymized, so I don’t know it’s you, I just know how many people visited a certain page)
– What country you’re from (anonymized, so I don’t know it’s you, I just know how many people from a certain country visited the site)
– Your IP address is also anonymized.

Data security

This website runs on WordPress, hosted by a specialised premium WordPress hosting company (Flywheel).

The WordPress installation will always be kept up to date (the hosting company does this and does not allow for outdated WordPress installations) as well as the plugins used in order to maintain a secure environment for your data.

Check out Flywheels security explanation page:


When you create an account, the following personal data will be stored in the database of this WordPress website:
– Your first and last name
– Your email address
– Whether you prefer left-handed video’s (a checkbox is available in your account details so you can get access to mirrored video’s)
– Whether you are a premium member that pledges money through Patreon or bought a one time subscription. (No other data besides that. Just a “yes” or “no” answer to the question if you are an active paying subscriber at the time)
– Your password is encrypted and then stored. Therefore the password is impossible to see for anyone including the administrator of the site (me), as well as potential hackers.

Sharing of your data with third parties

Your first and last name and email address will also be sent to the following apps and will be kept private and secure there as well:
– Zapier (this is an automation platform that allows me to trigger automatic workflows based on events that occur on the site. For example send you a welcome email when you sign up)
– Gmail (I will send you a welcome email from my own email address and I use gmail, so therefore your name and email address will be used in my gmail account)

While I use other services for running my online business, I don’t send those services any data you fill in when signing up for this website. You usually fill in that data somewhere else. Below are all the apps.
– Mailchimp: You have to voluntarily sign up to my email list after creating an account. So this is not automatically done when you sign up for the website. Therefore, when you decide for yourself you want to be on the mailing list, you give your data to Mailchimp directly instead of me sending it there.
– Patreon: When becoming a Patron of the Quest for Groove, data will be sent, but only from Patreon to the website and not vice versa. On top of that, the only data that is sent from Patreon to this website is the confirmation that you pledge the correct amount (or more) on Patreon in order for you to be eligible to access the premium content.
– Gumroad: This is a Patreon-like service that handles one-time payments, like the 1 year subscription. Same thing in a way, just another provider.
– Bonjoro: I usually send a personal video to people who become a Patron (which is not done through this website but through Patreon directly). In order for that to work, your name and amount pledged will be sent to my Bonjoro to do list so I can record you a personal welcome video. Your email address will not be shared with the Bonjoro app. That’s all handled inside of Zapier and my personal Gmail account.

Payment and creditcard data:

– Premium content is served through Patreon (subscription) or Gumroad (one time payments) and no creditcard / bank/ paypal information is sent to me and/or stored by this website ever. All of that is handled by Patreon or Gumroad. The only thing this website will know is whether or not the amount you pledge is enough to unlock premium content at that time.

Delete account:

– Send me an email at and I’ll completely delete your account on this website for you.