Privacy Policy and Security

The bottom line is this:

★ I will never use your data for anything else than improving The Quest for Groove. I will not sell your data to anyone ever.

★ This website does not use (re)marketing and conversion rate tracking cookies.

★ I do not have the Facebook pixel installed on this site. Zuckerberg can go zuck it.


I run google analytics + an app called ‘hotjar’ on this website (in the lightest way possible, anonymizing everything). I gather the following data:
– What pages are visited on this website (anonymized, so I don’t know it’s you, I just know how many people visited a certain page)
– What country you’re from (anonymized, so I don’t know it’s you, I just know how many people from a certain country visited the site)
– Where people scroll and click on certain pages (anonymized, so I cannot send you stuff based on your website behaviour, I simply know the average of where people scroll and click in general which allows me to identify problems and confusing pages)
– Your IP address is also anonymized.

Data security

This website runs on WordPress, hosted by a specialised premium WordPress hosting company (Flywheel).

The WordPress installation will always be kept up to date (the hosting company does this and does not allow for outdated WordPress installations) as well as the plugins used in order to maintain a secure environment for your data.

Check out Flywheels security explanation page:


When you create an account, the following personal data will be stored in the database of this WordPress website:
– Your first and last name
– Your email address
– Weither you prefer left-handed video’s (a checkbox is available in your account details so you can get access to mirrored video’s)
– Your password is encrypted and then stored. Therefore the password is impossible to see for anyone including the administrator of the site (me), as well as potential hackers.

Sharing of your data with third parties

Your first and last name and email address might also be sent to the following apps and will be kept private and secure there as well:
– Mailchimp (so I can send out emails to my users in a convenient way)
– Zapier (this is an automation platform that allows me to trigger automatic workflows based on events that occur on the site. For example send you a welcome email when you sign up)
– Patreon (I am planning on using an integration with Patreon to allow access to exclusive content for certain patrons. Your email address can be used by this plugin to identify if you are a Patron and unlock the content for you)
– All of the above third parties as well as the hosting company (Flywheel) have informed me that they comply with GDPR rules and have made it possible for me to comply with those rules as well when I use their services to serve you.

Payment and creditcard data:

– Premium content is served through Patreon. So there will be no payment information sent to me or this website ever. The only thing this website will check is what the amount is that you’re pledging and weither that is sufficiënt to unlock the premium content.