About The Quest for Groove (but mainly myself)

Hi, my name is Robert Mathijs. I’m the founder of the Quest for Groove and also the guy who literally does everything around here.

The Quest for Groove project first and foremost strives to bring the art of finger drumming to the masses. It also has some other ambitions, like trying to instill high-quality, skilled musicianship in students as well as trying to convey what really takes music from ‘meh’ to ‘woah’ (spoiler alert: groove is the most essential component of all).

I’ve been a professional musician since my early twenties, when I completed my jazz guitar studies at the conservatory in my home country the Netherlands. In the years that followed I evolved from being a guitar player into something I like to call allround creative crazy person who does everything. I don’t know exactly how that happened but it did.

This website / project is a great example of what I am and do actually. I designed and coded the whole thing myself, and also made all the content you’ll find on it. Lessons about a niche instrument I taught myself, filmed and edited myself, featuring myself as a teacher… You get the idea.

This type of strange combo-skill-doing-it-all mentality definitely contributes to my firm belief in the infinite growth possibilities for every curious, playful, hard working human being. I vividly remember the time when I could not play finger drums (any time before 2014), or when I had never built a website in my life. Heck, I learned WordPress development and php just a couple of months before writing this article.

Having gone through the steps of acquiring new skills many times now, I’ve become a firm believer in this infinite growth mindset and with the Quest for Groove project I hope to help many others in unlocking their potential and experiencing the magic of learning new skills.

The main focus of this website is obviously finger drumming. I’m not planning on becoming a life coach or anything. But since the content speaks for itself I wanted to use this about page to tell a little more about the underlying philosophy behind the stuff I do and teach.

I hope you have a great time and learn a lot during the (probably relatively short) time that your life’s journey overlaps with the Quest for Groove!

Robert Mathijs