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Pad layout

  • Below you'll find the standard QFG pad layout.
  • In the video I will build it up step by step and explain why I put every sound in that exact spot.
  • I will also give you some extra optional tricks like assigning buttons to choke cymbals and using knobs and sliders with CC modifiers to change the sound of certain kit pieces.
  • I spent many years with this layout, regularly evaluating if changing something would make things magically better all of a sudden. I never found something like that.
  • Bottom line is: This layout will serve you well. In order for you to be able to play awesome sounding drums, this is not going to be the thing holding you back.
  • If you're curious about how I would set up a different amount of pads, like 8x8 or 3x4 or something, watch the video. first so you understand the idea behind my layout and then you probably want to check out the dedicated page about "exotic" pad layouts that I'll link to at the bottom of the page.
Low Tom
Mid Tom
High Tom
Cymbal A
Hi Hat
Open HH
Hi Hat
Cymbal B
Cymbal C

Exact sounds in Addictive Drums 2

Addictive drums has a lot of different choices to pick from within the “snare” and “hihat” categories. So just to be clear, here’s a list of the exact sounds I would pick for your basic setup if you’re using AD2.

– Kick: (just a kick)
– Snare: Snare Open Hit
– Sidestick: Snare Sidestick
– Hihat: Hihat Closed 1 Tip
– Open Hihat: HH Open A
– Ride: Ride 1 Tip or Ride 1 Bell (whatever you like, I switch a lot)

Toms from left to right: Tom 3, Tom2, Tom 1.
Standard would be open hit but I regularly switch to rimshot for sound.

Cymbals I just switch based on what I need. This changes from song to song, but it does not really matter what cymbal you put where in the beginning!

CC Modifiers in Addictive Drums can be found here

Make sure to select the special CC modifiable kit pieces in order to use them!

Other layouts? 3x4, 8x8 etc. check out the lesson linked below!

Tom debate?

In case you’re wondering about the order of the toms and my statement in the video that real drummers also have debate about this, here’s one article on Drumeo about drum rules that you can break, and the tom order is one of them: