Building Fills

The formula for an endless amount of fills at your fingertips
  • In this course we're not just gonna learn a bunch of random fills.
  • We're actually going to build a framework that, once mastered, will help us to quickly and easily play a huge number of fills on the spot, whenever we feel like it.
  • The goal of the course is to help you get the foundation of each fill down in a way that I can wake you up at night and you can still execute the motions of that foundation flawlessly.
  • In the example I played a bunch of fills that all have the exact same foundation, the exact same hand motions: RLRRLRLL
  • We'll start out by learning a bunch of those combo's on the snare, to really make sure we master them, and then we'll move on to dividing those patterns up over the kit.
  • Big, big shoutout to Rob Brown for inspiring me to make this course. If you want to see the patterns and concepts that we'll learn played by a 'Real' drummer, make sure to check out his video and his channel. Rob Brown is a very inspiring teacher and drummer that all of us finger drummers can learn from.
  • In this course I'll take you by the hand, walking you through the whole process one step at a time so that you're always focusing on the right things.
  • Let's do this, commit, and take our drum fills to the next level!
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