Easy, Awesome & Real

Learn the real drum parts of 10 famous pop songs
  • You'll find the entire lesson/song list below in the course navigation footer.
  • Lessons are pretty self explanatory, so just pick a song you like and get started.
  • I tried organizing the lessons from easy to hard but keep in mind that everyone's different so some easy things might be hard for you and vice versa.
  • There are sound presets for every song in this course. All you need to use them is Addictive Drums and the Black Oyster Kit. You'll find the drum presets in the resources tab in the next lesson(s). Look for this icon .
  • Playing along to a record and separating the recorded drum part form you own might be easier when playing the recording through a different speaker than the one your drums are coming from.
  • There are some links to drumless backing tracks. Playing along to those can be quite a challenge. Especially to make it groove. Check out my course about timing (Time & Time Again) if you want to know more about how to make that work.
  • Have fun!
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