Let’s hit the gym

Strengthen your groove muscles in the most efficient way possible

What I found out over time, teaching finger drumming and also learning how to groove myself, is that most people, myself included, have a couple of common weak spots that really need to be addressed before we can take things to the next level and become the most groovy musicians we can possibly be.
That’s why I designed this course. It’s made to help you tackle these common problems in the most efficient way possible, with the least amount of effort and the quickest, best results.
I named it Let’s hit the gym, because it’s very much like working out a couple of specific mental groove muscles with some highly specific and effective exercises.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be working on the following things:

  • Always knowing where you are in the bar and not getting lost.
  • Better locking in with a metronome click and/or a backing track.
  • Being able to keep a consistent tempo, and resisting the urge to speed up or slow down, which is especially hard when you move from a beat into a fill or from playing not that many notes into playing more notes.
  • Improving our hand technique, learning how to play faster, learning how to move our hands more efficiently and also improving the independence between our two hands.

On top of that this course is also a great example of how you can tackle some pretty difficult hurdles without too much effort by simply not overworking yourself, taking small babysteps, sleeping in between and sometimes circling back to something you’ve learned before to consolidate that skill into a lasting habit.

No pain no gain, that’s not a thing in this course, there are no endless boring practice sessions, no bleeding fingers. We’re going to be practicing smarter, not harder and we’re going to lay down a very solid foundation that we can build upon in the more advanced courses that follow after this one. See you inside!

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