Premium Membership Explained

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  • Monthly pledge of $10
  • Cancel (and rejoin) anytime
  • Access to everything for as long as you’re a member.


Pay once for 1 year!

  • One time payment of $110 (save $10)
  • No auto renewal
  • Access to everything, including future content that’s released during the year.

! Depending on where you live you might also be charged VAT, GST or other Sales Tax on top of the prices stated above.


  • Your contribution matters. Support the project so I can keep making awesome educational and entertaining content.
  • No questions asked full refunds within your first month of signing up, whether that’s the monthly Patreon subscription or the one time yearly payment.


How to cancel your monthly membership

The whole monthly subscription process goes through Patreon so that I do not have to handle complicated things such as VAT and exchange rates and stuff like that. Therefore, cancelling your membership also has to be done via Patreon.

The Patreon account page where your subscriptions are located is:

After logging in, you can click edit next to your Quest for Groove subscription and then there should be a small, grey text link (Edit or Cancel payment) there that you can click to cancel.
It is right below that big button that they use to distract you 🙂

Step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership on Patreon can be found on this Patreon FAQ page as well!