Stuff you might want to know before joining

So, this website is completely free?

I currently have 3 courses available that are completely free. Just a matter of creating an account, login in and enjoying the content. I also have a premium course called ‘Advanced Techniques’ and that one is only available for Patrons.

Ah so there is a catch!

No catch. I want to reach as many people as possible and therefore don’t want money to be an issue in learning the basics.
The premium content is for those who really want to take this thing to a professional or at least very high level. At that point I think it’s more than fair to ask someone to contribute.

Who are you guys?

Right now it’s only me, Robert Mathijs. I’ve been an Amsterdam based producer / guitar player / singer for over a decade and a couple of years ago I started fingerdrumming to speed up my workflow in the studio.
I found that the biggest problem when recording and especially multitracking songs was always that it didn’t really groove and I felt like I had to become a groove master myself in order to effectively deal with that problem.
I had absolutely no room in my bedroom studio for a drumkit, and that’s how I found fingerdrumming and was very pleasantly surprised by how much you could do with that and how much I really did not need to hire studio drummers anymore.

Why a website and not just youtube lessons?

This website is built specifically for online courses and therefore has a lot of nice functionality that Youtube doesn’t have.
Structuring content and combining video’s, audio examples and written text in a convenient way for example.

How long will it take before I’m the best fingerdrummer ever?

The truth is that learning to play drums on a pad controller is just like learning any other instrument. It just takes a lot of time and practice to really become good at it.
The trick to becoming an awesome musician is to make the journey of learning an interesting, fun and rewarding one from the moment you begin. That way you will keep playing, time will pass and eventually you will be awesome :-).
With this website I hope to provide people with exactly that.

What stuff and or software do I need to start?

You can either enroll in my free beginner course or check out this blogpost with lots of finger drumming gear recommendations.

What about the safety of my data and your privacy policy

I’ve dedicated a special page to that subject, written in plain english (no complicated legal jargon). Check it out over here.

I have another question

Feel free to contact me with your question(s) at .