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I can’t stress this enough, this course literally offered everything I felt I needed and beyond. It’s almost as if the man read my mind. The breakdowns of each lesson with examples, music backing tracks, even sheet music if you want. I couldn’t believe it.- Beau Hymas
This week I performed for the first time and it was amazing! Just so you know it’s all thanks to you! Thank you very much for everything.- Mc Sigi סיגי
I have been learning with Quest For Groove for quite a long time now. The lessons are very easy to follow, challenging and really rewarding. There is so much content to work with, I don’t think that I will run out of things to learn for some time to come. Thanks Rob.- Ivan Clarke
I joined The Quest for Groove more than a year ago. I took several beginner and intermediate courses here. Now I feel confident enough to focus on identifying drum grooves by ear and playing along at my level.- Paul Malikov
I have done some ‘thorough homework’ with regards to other courses/material and in the end, they have nothing on the ‘Labor of Love’ Rob has put in to The Quest for Groove! Rob, you are the most thorough teacher I have ever come across! Your care and dedication to detail is astonishing!- ShaneO
I just wanted to thank you very dearly. Your course is really astonishing! I’m essentially only one month in and I already learned SO much by finishing the “Grooving and Improving” course. I spent on average 2-3 days in each lesson, playing around 20-30 mins every time and I have to say I’m really impressed on how fast I was able to learn all these concepts.- Marvin Scherer
So glad i found this guy early on in my finger drumming career. Of all the channels I've found, this guy is by far the best for me. If there are any newbies looking for someone to learn from, this is it. Just don't give up.- Sawssman
I’m pretty pleased that I played all the drums on the single I just released. Okay, I did several takes, and comped the best two into the drums on the final track, but it’s still completely finger-drummed. Thanks for being an inspiring finger drumming teacher!- Ben Last
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