Disco yourself towards right hand coordination

Disco has the mysterious power of being able to annoy the crap out of people way more than other musical genres. There’s otherwise completely reasonable and friendly people who, instead of ‘not liking it’, truly hate disco from the bottom of their hearts. Those people better run and hide because guess what: The groove train has left the station folks, we’re learning some disco today!

I personally like disco a lot. I recently had a conversation with my girlfriend about how we didn’t like the music that was playing in basically every club here in Amsterdam and we came to the conclusion that, if we would have been alive during the glory days of disco, we would both be Giddy-Downing and Bunny Sloping every night.

Disco love or hate aside, this lesson is mainly about right hand coordination and it’s a great pattern to practice when you’re done with the beginner course. The sideways motion your right hand has to make is pretty challenging and disorienting at first, but once you got the hang of it it’ll help you a lot in playing other more complex grooves. Yes, also non-disco ones 🙂

The pattern’s written down below. If you’re new here and don’t know what pad layout to use and you need to learn the basic finger drumming techniques, you can check out this article first or enroll in the free beginner course.

Let’s play some disco

Diagrams for finger drumming a disco beat