Gear recommendations for finger drumming 2021

So you want to get started with finger drumming but you have no idea what stuff to get?
Here’s a list of the stuff I recommend.

My free beginner course deals with setting things up, including step by step guides for lots of different controllers and software, so make sure to check that out if you’re just getting started.

My current finger drumming gear recommendations

Latest update: December 2020

Check out the Equipment & Setup Category as well for all articles and (Youtube) video's related to gear and setup. Below you'll find the most basic summary of my findings so far so you can quickly make a decision.

(*) Make sure there's an option to return items and get your money back and test them soon after you get them so returning and trying something else is still possible.

The recommended, best value for money option to get the most out of the lessons here:
  • Maschine Mikro Mk3 ($250)

    ** When you buy this device second hand, please make sure the firmware is updated and you can switch midi-standalone mode on and off. When you don't own an official license to maschine software you might run into a problem otherwise.

  • Focusrite sapphire solo (3rd gen) ($100)
  • The (best) computer you currently own ($0)
  • The (best) headphones or earbuds you own ($0)
  • Addictive Drums 2 Custom ($170)

    ** I recommend the Black Oyster, Fairfax 1 and Funk kits to start with (you can pick 3). I use these kits for basically all the drum presets on this website, so you'll have a great time playing along to the lessons with the exact same sounds I use.

Hardware cost: $350,-
Hardware + Addictive Drums 2: $520,-

Your cheapest option that's still pretty good:

Estimated cost: $250,-

Better (and more) pads for only slightly more money:

Estimated cost: $300,-

If you want a truly great 8x8 controller:

Hardware cost: $450,-
Hardware + Addictive Drums 2: $620,-

An alternative 4x4 option in case you really don't want a Maschine:

Hardware cost: $450,-
Hardware + Addictive Drums 2: $620,-

An alternative 4x4 option in case you really, really like AKAI (and really don't like any of the other options) and you have lots of money and you'd like to do some standalone beatmaking at least once in a while:

Hardware cost: $1300,-
Hardware + Addictive Drums 2: $1420,-

What I personally use (insane overkill for just finger drumming... I'm a music production professional):

I'm not going to calculate the price for this. Don't buy what I have... If you're not a studio pro you won't need it and if you are, you should buy the stuff that suits your needs and workflow. So yeah... I just put this here in case you're curious.
Also... it took me 15 years to accumulate this gear, sometimes waiting for a very long time to get a nice cheap second hand option (like with the ATC ACM-20 speakers).