Drum rolls for finger drummers

Quick setup instructions (for Launchpad X)

– Plug in your device (duh)
– Fire up Novation Components on your computer and go to the Launchpad X setup page (install the software first… again.. duh)

Novation components opening screen

– Click “New Custom Mode >> Upload Custom Mode”

Novation components select custom mode

Download the custom mode preset I use over here
(or build one yourself inspired by my design)

– You should now have something like the screenshot below.
– Click “Send to Launchpad” and select one of the 4 custom modes.
– Kaboom, the Launchpad is done!

Send to launchpad

– Now, link the right sounds to the right pads.
– Use the basic 4×4 QFG pad layout for the middle drum pad (with one dead row to create more space for your hand).
– When using Addictive Drums 2, you can simply go to the midi map screen, select the sound you want to assign to a pad, click “Learn” and then hit the pad.
– Repeat this for all sounds. Each snare hit has a different note, that works better for rolls because sometimes the drum software does not repeat the same note twice if it’s played very fast.
– Below you’ll find the basic QFG pad layout and a screenshot of the midi learn function in AD2.
– Good luck and have fun!

Low Tom
Mid Tom
High Tom
Cymbal A
Hi Hat
Open HH
Hi Hat
Cymbal B
Cymbal C

Midi learn