Finger drumming lesson: A-Punk by Vampire weekend

After doing a finger drum cover of Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk last week, I thought it might be nice to do a complete lesson on how to play it, so here we go! You can check out the video embedded on this page and read along with the patterns written down below. Also make sure to check out the full performance with music over on youtube, since it’s back after two years of being blocked!

Below you’ll find all the different patterns that are played in the song. I used QFG’s standard pad-layout for this which is the following layout:

Low Tom
Mid Tom
High Tom
Cymbal A
Hi Hat
Open HH
Hi Hat
Cymbal B
Cymbal C

For more information on setting up a rig for finger drumming and all the basic finger drumming techniques, I highly recommend checking out my free beginner lessons here, or this blogpost in which I explain all essential finger drumming techniques in 3 minutes.

The Diagrams

Diagrams for finger drumming A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

Those are all the patterns. If you have any questions or remarks, the best way to get a reasonably fast response is to leave a comment on The message boards. Thanks for watching and reading and ’till next time!