Finger drumming Vampire Weekend | A – Punk

When listening to Vampire Weekend for the first time it reminded me of Paul Simon’s Graceland album a bit. Turns out one of their inspirators was South-African artist Brenda Fassie and apparently they listened closely to Paul Simon’s collaboration with Brazilian musicians on Rhythm of the Saints as well. Being a bit of an Afro-Cuban latin rhythm freak myself, I really enjoyed covering one of their most famous songs.

Unfortunately, my drum cover of the song is currently unavailable for streaming because the copyright owner has changed the useability of their songs from “Unrestricted with ads” to “Blocked globally” on YouTube. So, no drum cover anymore, BUT:

For all finger drummers who want to try and play this thing for themselves I’m happy to announce that there’s also a video lesson available that explains every beat and fill in the song. So, check out this blogpost and learn how to play Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk for yourself!.

Wishing all of you a very groovy day,