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The cool thing about many next level techniques is that in the end they will make your life as a finger drummer easier and less complicated. You might think it is the opposite, that after learning the basics you're ready to start learning the complicated stuff. That's only partially true. Most of the time, learning the next level stuff is harder in the beginning because it forces us to work on things that feel less intuitive than the basic stuff we learned. Once we did the work though, we'll have gained a skill that makes playing a lot of stuff a lot easier and more intuitive than it was before.

A good example is working on developing our non-dominant hand. That's hard, or obvious reasons. We're not as comfortable with our non-dominant hand as we are with our dominant hand. By doing the exercises and training to control our non-dominant hand better, we'll actually gain a very powerful tool. The riding a bike versus walking analogy is a good one here. If you learned how to walk you can stop there and simply walk everywhere. You can also go through the pain of learning how to ride a bike and then you'll have a new mode of transportation available to you at all times, making your life a lot easier. There's an investment up front, but afterwards you reap the benefits. It doesn't stay complicated forever.

On this page you'll find everything I produced about taking things next level. Enjoy!

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