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When you're reading a text like this, you're not spelling out every letter one by one. You probably started out that way once, when learning how to read, but now it has become second nature and you're no longer focused on the letters, you're focused on the meaning of the words and the sentences.

The same concept applies to this thing I like to call 'Beat building systems'. They're basically a couple of exercises that teach you building blocks with which you can create all kinds of new beats and fills. The trick is to become so familiar with those building blocks that using them feels like second nature. We're going to learn how to read and write words and sentences instead of focusing on one letter at a time.

Doing this is an essential part of taking your finger drumming to the next level. In the long run it will free up space for you to focus on the bigger picture, the music, the song, etc. And not just on what pad you're gonna hit next.

Here you'll find all the material I created with relation to this type of learning and playing. Keep in mind this is next level stuff. If you cannot read or write single letters, you're not yet ready for the words and sentences!

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