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What's the best pad layout for finger drumming? You know, that layout that instantly makes you an awesome, groovy player. The layout that's this endless source of inspiration and every time you use it you just churn out all these fresh beats at a pace you never thought was possible. That layout that completely replaces lame things like regular, focused practice over a sustained period of time?

Obviously a magical pad layout like that does not exist, but the standard Quest for Groove pad layout is the next best thing! I'll teach you how to set it up in the free beginner course, as well as an extensive blog article on this website. It's intuitive, makes efficient use of the 16 pads and in the 10 years that I've been finger drumming I've never come across anything I would permanently replace it with.

That's not to say there are no other interesting pad layouts to use. So besides the obvious links to the QFG standard pad layout, you'll also find some articles and videos outlining situations where I change things up a bit. With 8x8 controllers for example, or when playing jazz.

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