Playing Songs

Why are you learning all those techniques? Why did you buy all that gear? Probably because you want to make music. Real music. That's why part of the lessons I make for the Quest for Groove focus on exactly that. Teaching you real songs. Songs that you might actually have in a Spotify playlist somewhere, songs you might hear on the radio. It's always an inspiring and motivating experience to learn how to play the beat to that one song you like so much as opposed to only learning how to play 'educational' stuff that was designed for learning.

While this website contains a lot of custom play-alongs that you can jam along to, which could be considered real songs, I chose to only include the actual 'hit', 'famous' songs on this page, as well as a couple of drum covers I did of real songs (sometimes without a lesson, but just for inspiration and to demonstrate what's possible). Enjoy!

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