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Beginner Course (free)

So, you’re interested in finger drumming but don’t really know how and where to start? Then this beginner course is perfect for you.

More than 25 lessons will help in buying and setting up a pad controller and then move on to teaching you all the essential finger-drumming techniques. You’ll be jamming in no-time!

Grooving & Improving (free)

If the beginner course made you hungry for more and you want to take your playing to the next level, then sign up for this free course. You’ll get 6 challenging lessons that will keep you occupied for a week each plus a complete and well thought-out practice plan. After 6 weeks you’ll have learned a couple of very useful grooves and fills, and improved your timing and technique.

Breakbeat Course (free start)

In this course we’re going to learn a couple of the most played, most sampled and most imitated drum grooves of all time. We’ll start off easy, but as we move through the lessons you’ll find that this course is harder than the Beginner and Grooving & Improving courses. Intro + 1st lesson are 100% free!

Easy, Awesome & Real

One of the best and most fun ways to improve your skills is to play along to real music.

In this course I’ll walk you through 10 easy to learn songs with epic drum grooves!

Also provided: Written out pad diagrams, drum presets for every song and, where available, links to drumless versions so you can challenge yourself even more!