Why finger drumming?

Groove is everything, but playing in time is hard, recording studios are expensive, and cymbals are heavier than you might think...
By learning finger drumming you can tackle all of these problems and become a super groovy, versatile musician that churns out the tastiest, real sounding beats with just a pad controller, a laptop (in most cases) and your hands.

Lesson topics include

Learn Finger Drumming

...and how to actually make things groove

  • A tried and tested finger drumming curriculum. Built, re-built and tweaked to maximize both results and fun.
  • A dedicated, curious and open minded teacher, with two decades of experience in the music making business.
  • A custom built website designed (by me) to be the most effective and inspiring musical learning environment.
  • A skill that will take your musicianship to a higher level, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out.
Some of the courses
  • Go from simply tapping some pads to actually playing drums.
  • All the basics are taught 100% for free (more than 25 lessons).
  • All you need is an account using your first name and email address.
  • No free trial that expires, no payment information upfront.
  • Also, no email marketing after signing up (just one email, that's it).
  • More about the project (and myself) on the about page.
  • Even more answers to more questions on the FAQ page.
  • I collect user testimonials and results in this topic on the messageboards.